研华POS系统是针对驱动智能餐饮及智能零售所量身打造的全方位解决方案,我们不仅提供客制化的设计满足餐饮及零售业的独特需求,也具备OEM/ODM设计制造能力。我们的POS系统以优异的产品质量、创新的设计概念及独特的产品特点赢得了台湾精品奖、Computex Best及Computex创新设计奖的肯定。同时,我们也提供完整的POS周边产品,满足市场对扩充性及升级弹性的需求。


  • Avalo Family


    • USC-250

      USC-250 is an enterprise-grade computer with 15" true-flat PCAP touch . It is with Intel Skylake-U processor, fanless design with quiet operation and energy saving. It features dual hinge design which provides the smallest footprint to save counter space and reduce shipment freight. It provides easy access to key components. The front panel is with IP65 design, supports water and dust resistance. USC-250 is with the most competitive cost, and energy effective platform built for retail and hospitality.
  • UPOS-500 Series

    UPOS-500 Series are industrial-grade fanless POS system, equipped with modularized monitors, to ensure flexible installation for diverse applications.

  • UTC-300P Series

    UTC-300P series is the all-in-one computing terminal designed for multi-purpose with latest Intel 16:9 wide screen with IP65 front panel protection that can fulfil the various applications in retail and hospitality enviroment.

  • UPOS-200 Series

    UPOS-200 series, a all-in-one POS system with small footprints, fanless operation and flat PCAP touch, offers a compact footprint for installation with limited-space, such as self-service kiosk.

  • UPOS-300 Series

    UPOS-300 series is a fanless POS system, which provides the smallest footprint to save counter space and enhance store layout flexibility. It provides easy access to key components and cash check module to expedite cash payment process.

  • ABox

    ABox features fanless operation and comes with rugged housing with no ventilation hole which prevents the intrusion of foreign matters. ABox offers sufficient I/O ports to suit a wide range of retail and hospitality applications. Wall mount and desktop options are available to fit in various spaces and to meet the needs of diverse applications.

  • Accessories

    Advantech accessories offer a wide range of peripherals and multiple chargers for POS to fulfill applications in different vertical market.

    • USC-P01-B110

      VFD, rear mount for UPOS-211
    • UPOS-P01

      VFD, rear mount for UPOS-211
    • UPOS-P03

      2-in-1 MSR (with RFID or FIngerprint or Smart Card or iButton) for UPOS Series
    • UPOS-P05

      1D/2D Barcode Scanner
    • UPOS-M07G

      7" Secondary Display for UPOS Series
    • UPOS-M10G

      10" Secondary Display for UPOS Series
    • UPOS-M15

      M15 monitor is designed to fit your point of sale system need. Monitor mounted borderless touch panel allow you to finger touch operating the system. Sleek and thin design provide a modern looking. M15 be able to mount through the standard VESA holes on pole, arm or wall mount. Desktop stand option is also available. Display back reserved hatched to mount the optional perepherals.


  • Intelligent POS Solutions

    Intelligent POS Solutions

    To enhance retail and hospitality services and satisfy diverse satisfy OEM/ODM requirements, Advantech offers a wide range of POS systems aimed at different market segments and application demands. Advantech is committed to providing POS systems of the highest quality, durability, and performance to the global marketplace. Not surprisingly, Advantech’s products have received a COMPUTEX Best Choice Award for excellent quality, outstanding design, and unique features. Advantech also offers a growing range of high-quality POS peripherals that expand the system functionalities, allowing the POS systems to serve as intelligent POS systems and/or self-service kiosks.

Contact Advantech


Contact Advantech

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