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Core Values of Advantech Citizenship

Building a Successful Sustainable LITA (altruistic) Enterprise SideNav Bullet

Advantech believes, a corporation is just like an "Lita/altruistic tree" rooted in the earth. To make the tree grow strongly, sunshine, air, water, and nutrients are needed, none is dispensable. And we are convinced that a corporation plants better seeds when cherishing an altruistic spirit.

Consider Stakeholder Balance as the Base of Operation SideNav Bullet

Advantech thinks the base of a sustainable operation is, seeking the perfect balance between stockholders, employees, customers and society.

From A to A+ Business Philosophy SideNav Bullet

Advantech thinks that a prominent A+ enterprise should pursue the "Great" consistently, instead of being satisfied with just "Good". We believe that everything should be done in the very best possible way. Not just looking at profit as the sole aim, but being a leader and inspiration in the domain.

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